Artist Information
Sharon Bladholm Fine Artist

Regular Address:
319 North Albany
Chicago, Illinois 60612 USA

Phone Number:
773 638-3500

Email Address:

Studio Directions - Map
Take I-290 to Sacramento, turn West on Carroll Ave.,
turn South on Albany St. and park car.

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Process of Commissions
The process starts with a discussion of the project and viewing of other sculptures at the studio or on site with Sharon's portfolio. Issues such as size, subject matter, style of sculpting, level of detail and surface textures are all to be discussed, along with what material the sculpture would be realized in.

Options for casting include, bronze, aluminum, glass, gypsum products such as plaster or Hydrocal, slip cast ceramic. Sculptures that can be cast are often created with wax or clay before a mold is pulled from them as step one of the casting process. Sculpture would be approved by client before a mold is taken.

Any changes are made before casting begins. Directly worked sculptures can be created in ceramic that is fired. Depending on the particular form of the sculpture a certain material may be more appropriate. The seamless interface of several elements is also possible. Many of Sharon's sculptures combine materials.

Sketches would be created and approved. Depending on size a smaller moquette might be developed for a larger sculpture. Cost will be determined by such factors as, size, material, and detail level.

She is also available for commissions in any of her other mediums such as printmaking, drawing, watercolor or mixed media.

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