Artist Statement

My sculpture is a response to a long term investigation into the transient nature of the human figure and the natural world, especially botanical forms. My starting point in the creative process begins with simple materials such as wax, plaster and clay and after a process of maturation is finally formed into glass, bronze and ceramic.

I believe that the figure and organic form become an appropriate vehicle allowing me to address the larger concerns of the human condition. It is very important that my work reaches across social, economic, and cultural barriers reaching back to that time when art was not a separate function of life and spoke a more universal language.

My time spent in the living libraries of Latin American jungles, amidst various indigenous peoples has profoundly influenced my art. My participation on scientific expeditions has allowed access to remote and pristine ecosystems where people still live in direct interface with nature. Numerous onsite sketches of the botanical exuberance in rain forested areas becomes an internal deposit of plant anatomy, leaf, stamen, stem, seed, blossom and thorn, creating an inherent intelligence that informs and infuses my work.

Through my artwork I intend to visually engage the viewer and communicate the importance of human relationships and interaction with the biological wealth that delights, surrounds and sustains us. I hope to integrate the sometimes separate disciplines of art, science, conservation and the natural world into a seamless visual experience that can affect a subtle shift in perception.